Family Lawyers Can Help People With All Sorts of Family Disputes

"In the Law Office of Elliot Green, I specialize in providing client-oriented legal service in the area of family law." I offer this service to individuals in Brooklyn, Manhattan and the other surrounding areas of New York. I have represented individuals in situations ranging from divorce to adoption to simple negligence to have my clients gain monetary compensation for pain and suffering. I have also represented parties with complex criminal litigation from minor traffic tickets to murder. Many of my clients have suffered injuries or have been injured due to another individual's carelessness. In my opinion, family lawyers in New York to serve the greatest needs.

Divorce is always an expensive endeavor. A wise prenup attorney can analyze the financial situation of both the divorcing parties and help create a plan that helps both sides to minimize their expenditures and reduce the risk of future complications. One of the major issues that arises in the course of family lawyers New York cases is child custody and visitation rights. There are some jurisdictions in which joint physical custody and joint legal custody is awarded to the mother, while in others, the father is given sole legal and physical custody. Expert family lawyers can assist the client in fighting for either equal parenting time or different parenting schedules in order to establish parent-child relationships that benefit all parties.

The same is true for situations that involve frequent altercations between ex-spouses. When parents struggle over visitation rights, or over which parent the children will live with and/or attend school with, they often have to go to court in order to resolve these issues. Without a professional family lawyers New York lawyer, many of these cases could be resolved amicably. However, if no settlement can be achieved, then both ex-spouses go to court, and often to extremes to achieve what they believe is best for the children. Good family lawyers can help the client to obtain the most beneficial court outcomes without necessarily having to go to trial.

Situations that involve serious criminal offenses like DUI (driving under the influence) and DWI (driving while intoxicated) usually require the involvement of a licensed New York lawyer. These lawyers are probably one of the first people that the defendant sees upon entering a courtroom, so they are probably the ones who will have the most impact on the outcome of the case. Some drunk drivers may think that a DUI or DWI conviction will not result in time behind bars, but the reality is that these charges often come with a huge financial hit to any individual. A good DUI and DWI lawyer are probably one of the wisest decisions an individual can make. This type of lawyer will also be able to protect the defendant's rights while in court, as well as obtaining the best possible outcome for the case.

Litigation over the meaning of words, divorce, custody arrangements, adoption, property rights, visitation rights, and more often require the assistance of family lawyers New York. If two partners in a relationship cannot agree on what the terms of their divorce should be, a family law lawyer can often help reach an agreement that both parties can agree on. He can also help gather evidence that is needed to support his client's case in order to have the best chance at winning the case. If either of the couple is contemplating a divorce, a good lawyer will be able to gather evidence that the other party is not telling the truth. Many divorces fail because of lies, so having a trustworthy attorney representing your interests in court is extremely important. Get more details on this website about choosing a reliable family attorney who has the ability to solve all sorts of family disputes.

Divorce is sometimes hard on the children, especially if they have lost contact with their father. In order to ensure that the children receive the support they need and that their father receives the support he deserves, many family law attorneys help people out with all aspects of divorce. They know how to approach situations, and they know what to do to get things done the right way. Family lawyers can help people with all aspects of family disputes so that everyone wins in the end. You can click on this alternative post to get more information linked to this topic:

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